GenomePlus - About Us

The GenomePlus team has extensive practical experience and expertise covering

  • Healthcare Industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and genetics & genomics, with a depth of skills covering clinical research, reimbursement and market access, commercialisation as well as sales, marketing.
  • Information management including data management and privacy, project management support and guidance, Stakeholder relationship management, Business and finance support
  • Engaging medical and allied healthcare professionals, professional societies, advocacy and patient support groups
  • Information technology from personal devices or apps to complex analytical software

GenomePlus partner and collaborate with a network of education specialists, genomic research and disease specialists from Australia and internationally to provide clients with the education and insights appropriate for their industry and genomic interest.

GenomePlus is a member of the Inter-Society Coordinating Committee for Practitioner Education in Genomics (ISCC) at the National Human Genome Research Institute (USA), as part of the International Working Party. The aim of the ISCC is to improve genomic literacy of physicians and other practitioners and to enhance the practice of genomic medicine through sharing of educational approaches and joint identification of educational needs. The group facilitates interactions among medical professional societies and the NIH Institutes & Centers to exchange practices and resources in genomic education and clinical care.  

GenomePlus team includes:

Nicholette Conway (BPharm (Rhodes University), EMBA (UNSW)) has been working in healthcare for over 25 years. She has worked in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, and has significant experience in multiple disciplines from clinical research, health economics, market access and commercialisation; as well as marketing and sales functions. Her experience was gained in a broad range of disease states which include; pain, oncology, infectious disease, cardiovascular, endocrinology, respiratory, obesity, HIV, and most recently genetics and rare diseases. She has worked extensively with medical professionals, professional societies, advocacy and patient support groups and understands the complexity and responsibility of information sharing and communicating with key stakeholders.

Julian Shelbourne (BSc Hons Chemistry & Management Studies, London University) has a broad range of skills from science, finance and technology to healthcare. He is actively involved in the development of sports and rehabilitation medical technologies which includes device software and applications.  Julian ensures that the courses are well structured both scientifically and technically, and given his experience in technology and digital services, makes certain the delivery is interactive and engaging utilising teaching tools and supporting technology.

Nicky and Julian’s acumen is teamed with local experts in genetics and education to deliver the Genomics education courses with a key commitment for clear and accurate understanding of research and genetic technologies. We have passionate educators, who use formats that are engaging, relevant and personalised including visual representations and role playing which will both educate and motivate the health care professionals in their daily interaction with medical professionals and allied healthcare workers.