precision medicine

The practice of precision medicine will change the provision of healthcare in Australia. Precision medicine technologies and its applications/tools are already changing clinical practice and over the next 5 to 10 years many of these will become standard practice in healthcare. Ensuring that these rapidly evolving advances are integrated into the healthcare system with foresight and strategic intent is critical to delivering better health outcomes to all Australians.

GenomePlus works to foster collaboration across the healthcare system through education and engagement, to support the integration of precision medicine into clinical practice. New technologies will challenge the current models of product development, marketing and sales and will require a proactive approach to product development strategies, increase the reliance on data from multiple sources including real world data (including physiology and lifestyle data from wearables and artificial intelligence), require new capabilities and a flexible approach to staff capabilities in response to changing market needs.

Our services

GenomePlus facilitates the provision of independent and personalised education programs and consulting services centering around the capabilities required to support the intregation of precision medicine into clinical and business practice. These services are tailored to the client’s needs to put precision medicine into context for their specific educational, clinical or business needs. We work collaboratively with Australian and international academics, researchers, healthcare companies, allied health professionals, patient advocates and educators. We also work across a broad range of industries from pharmaceutical and medical device through to banking and finance to build understanding and insight to the impact of the changes.

  • Independent: Not affiliated with any specific academic or research institute
  • Personalised: Puts genomic medicine in context of your business or health care question
  • Tailored: presented in a way that meets your needs i.e. Blended learning program, Lunch & Learn, discussion forum and more.

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