genomic medicine

Probably at no time in the history of medical research, going back to the time of William Harvey and the circulation of blood, in the 1600s, has there been more potential and promise for discovery that will benefit mankind in terms of the health of the species as where we are right now as a result of the Human Genome Project
— Harvard Medical School

The advances in genomic medicine are fundamentally going to change the provision healthcare in Australia. To date, genomic information has predominantly been used in research, however the rapid evolution of genomic sequencing technology and bioinformatics has improved the speed and analysis of testing and consequentially decreased the cost of testing.  In Australia we have world leading researchers and clinicians who are actively contributing the growing knowledge and advancement in genomic medicine. The federal and state healthcare systems are working to determine the needs and gaps in the system(s) to ensure that genomic medicine delivers the value and outcomes it promises.

Our challenge is to ensure that these new advances are integrated into the healthcare system with foresight and strategic intent and clearly deliver improved health outcomes for all Australians. 

Making healthcare decisions in a fast changing technology environment can be complex and confusing for patients as well as health professionals. For industries that serve or work closely with health professional such as the pharmaceutical or medical device industries, keeping current with medical and technological developments especially if they are tangential to core business can be overwhelming. Subsequently, determining the impact of the genomic medicine and technology development on core business and business practice becomes a significant challenge. 

GenomePlus provides services to help interpret these changes and integrate them into current practice through education programs and consulting services.

Our vision is to improve health outcomes for Australians by working collaboratively to integrate genomic medicine efficiently and effectively into clinical and business practice.

Critical to this is consideration of the ethical, legal and societal impact of genomics together with clear understanding of the risks and benefits of genomic medicine.

We are fortunate in Australia to have a well-structured public health service and there are currently several nationwide initiatives to research and integrate genomic medicine into current practice. GenomePlus provides services to healthcare practitioners and industries that are not part of the public health system.

GenomePlus facilitates the provision of independent and personalised education programs and consulting services. These services are tailored to the client’s needs to put genomic medicine into context for their specific business needs and ensure that the learning is successfully integrated into business practice. We do this by working collaboratively with Australian and international academics, specialist clinicians, researchers and educators to ensure the information and insights we provide are accurate and up-to-date. We provide these services to healthcare practitioners as well as a broad range of industries from pharmaceutical and medical device through to banking and finance.

  • Independent: Not affiliated with any specific academic or research institute
  • Personalised: Puts genomic medicine in context of the business or health care question
  • Tailored: presented in a way that meet your needs i.e. Blended learning program, Lunch & Learn etc..
  • Accurate and up-to-date: work collaboratively within Australia and internationally to stay current       

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“Australian Genomics Education Initiatives” – GenomPlus presentation at ISCC Meeting August 2016 – Bethesda, Maryland USA