information, education & insight

Given the pace of technological advancement, new disciplines and terminology are constantly evolving, and technologies are changing rapidly. GenomePlus provides services to help interpret these changes and integrate them into current practice through education programs and consulting services:

  • Genomics Explainer - a general genomic education program for patients and carers (via patient support group), healthcare workers - either around a disease state or with respect to general healthcare, aimed to ensure informed decision making with respect to genome testing, informed consent, incidental findings, and healthcare implications.
  • Genomics Engagement Program - for health professionals working in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. These programs are tailored by industry, medical speciality or disease state and provides a general overview of genomics and related terminology, a disease specific in-depth analysis of genomic technology developments that will impact that disease and related resources.
  • Tailored programs such as Lunch & Learns, Boardroom Wrap (rapid up skill sessions for senior managers), and G-Up (Regular update on changes in specific disease state or discipline) can be customised to meet organisation’s needs.
  • Genomics Consultancy Services: Assessment of the impact of genomics on current and future business along with practical advice on incorporating this into strategic and business plans. 

 We aim to provide services to ensure that

  • the impact of genomics on your business is understood, so research advances can be translated into clinical practice in a considered and sustainable way.
  • appropriate new healthcare practices, whether pharmacy, allied healthcare practice, sports, health clinic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device company, are designed and implemented to efficiently integrate genomics into business practice and ensure patients receive safe targeted and effective care.
  • staff are well informed with accurate up-to-date information and understand their responsibilities with respect to the ethics, law, societal impact especially privacy.
  • Australians are well informed and can make informed decisions about genomics and their healthcare in this rapidly evolving discipline.