precision medicine

Probably at no time in the history of medical research, going back to the time of William Harvey and the circulation of blood, in the 1600s, has there been more potential and promise for discovery that will benefit mankind in terms of the health of the species as where we are right now as a result of the Human Genome Project
— Harvard Medical School

Our vision is to improve health outcomes for Australians by working collaboratively to integrate precision medicine efficiently into clinical and business practice.

The advances in ‘omic’ technologies will change the provision healthcare in Australia. Our challenge is to ensure that these new advances are integrated into the healthcare system with foresight and strategic intent and clearly deliver improved health outcomes for all Australians. 

Keeping current with medical and fast changing technological developments especially if they are tangential to core business can be overwhelming. Consideration of the ethical, legal and societal impact of genomics together with clear understanding of the opportunities, limitation and risks of precision medicine is core the successful integration.

GenomePlus provides services to help interpret these changes and integrate them into current practice through education programs and webinars.