precision medicine

The practice of precision medicine will change the provision of healthcare in Australia. Precision medicine technologies and its applications/tools are already changing clinical practice and over the next 5 to 10 years many of these will become standard practice in healthcare. Ensuring that these rapidly evolving advances are integrated into the healthcare system with foresight and strategic intent is critical to delivering better health outcomes to all Australians.

GenomePlus aims to foster collaboration across the healthcare system through education and engagement to support the integration of precision medicine into clinical practice with the patient as the focus.

The challenges and opportunities that precision technologies bring will be felt especially by patients and their carers. While patients will potentially benefit from new personalised medical technologies, they may also be challenged by the complexity of the ethical, legal and societal impacts of precision technologies. These challenges include understanding informed consent for genetic testing or genome sequencing where the results may have broader consequences than the patient or there may be unintended findings, to issues arising from the amount of data the patient can receive from multiple sources e.g. lifestyle data from wearables in addition to medical testing. GenomePlus works to raise awareness of these issues and provide educational resources.